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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Culinary Specialist Collab

I love good deals. When I shop for groceries, I fill my cart with comps and use as many coupons as I can. I rummage through yardsales like they are Nordstroms. I go to auctions and wave my little paddle around and feel like I am spending hundreds of dollars at a time, when in reality I usually spend around $5 and walk away with boxes of goodies I adore. I just love the satisfaction of getting a lot of bang for my buck!

The Culinary Specialist Collab is one of those great deals! When you spend $10 in the store during the month of March, you will get this whole package.... FREE! Build up to that $10 using the coupon in my blog train contributions, and that really makes it an incredible deal. (Several of the other STO designers have blog train coupons in their downloads for you too!) The best part of this is that we offer this every month!

Here is the overall preview of March's Collab. I put together a slide show below for you to see all the different parts of the collab, and some of the gorgeous layouts the store's talented CT have made with it.

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